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CR Imaging Plates

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Kodak or Carestream DirectView CR and Kodak ACR Cassettes, Image Plates & Gridded Kodak CR Cassettes

Offering a complete line of Kodak DirectView ACR Cassettes, including CR 500 cassettes, CR 850/950 single-cassettes. We purchase used CR Cassettes.

Kodak or Carestream DirectView CR Cassettes 
for CR 800 and CR 900 Series

Kodak DirectView CR Cassette / GP Sizes

35 x 43 cm Kodak 18 x 24 cm
35 x 35 cm 15 x 30 cm *
24 x 30 cm  
  * Available for CR 850/950 Systems only

Kodak DirectView CR Cassette / HR Sizes

24 x 30 cm 18 x 24 cm

Kodak DirectView CR 500 Cassette / GP Sizes

35 x 43 cm 18 x 24 cm
35 x 35 cm 15 x 30 cm
24 x 30 cm  

Kodak ACR Cassettes
Storage Phosphor Cassette for Kodak ACR Systems

35 x 43 cm 20 x 25 cm
24 x 30 cm  

Kodak or Carestream DirectView CR Gridded Cassette

The embedded grid cassette can streamline your workflow and save valuable time since there is no need to add or remove an exterior grid when preparing for an exam or scanning the cassette. We purchase used CR Cassettes.

This product fits into standard size infection control bags (Rad bags).

gridded cassette, x ray cassette repair

  • Embedded grid allows for easy and quicker image processing
  • Improve image quality with 6:1 grid ratio with 103 lines per inch
  • Unique blue edged frame for quick identification

Fuji CR Cassettes, Imaging Plates & Phantoms

Fujifilm Imaging Plates (IPs) are the result of years of research and continuous improvement. Fujifilm's IP design employs an extremely efficient image recording medium based on a high-emission, photo-stimuable phosphor, which accurately detects and stores x-ray energy. Fujifilm's phosphor composition offers a high sensitivity, high sharpness and low noise. We purchase used CR Cassettes.

Fujifilm Type CC Cassettes

Fujifilm CR cassettes are available in most common sizes as well as extended lengths for long leg and scoliosis exams. The cassettes are of a lightweight and rugged design to safely house and protect Fuji's advanced flexible imaging plates. Cassettes and IPs are sold separately. We purchase used CR Cassettes. The XL-2's 50 micron capability utilizes Type-CH 18 x 24 cm cassettes and single-sided HR imaging plates.

Fujifilm Type CC Cassette and Image Plate (IPS) Sizes

14" x 17" (35 x 43 cm) 18 x 24 cm
14" x 14" (35 x 35 cm) 24 x 30 cm
10" x 12" 15 x 30 cm

Quality Analysis ProgramsOne Shot Phantom Plus, x ray cassette, repair

FCR One Phantom Plus

FCR 1 Shot Phantom Plus is specifically for use with Fujifilm CR and DR systems as well as the QC workstations. The FCR 1 Shot Phantom Plus is an advanced quality analysis system incorporating extensive test parameters into an automated program. Visual and automatic calculations as well as simple Pass/Fail programs can be easily performed through the simple step-by-step user interface of the Flash IIP console. Default values for each test are pre-set in the software however the user can re-set those values in accordance to reference or local or federal mandate.


FCR One Shot Phantom

one shot phantomFCR 1 Shot Phantom enables a system-wide quality analysis by incorporating eight performance tests into a single exposure. The Fuji FCR 1 Shot Phantom provides valuable evaluation of the Imaging Plate, CR Image Reader, Exposure Room, Hard Copy Printer and Imaging Workstations. Only minutes to expose and interpret, the FCR 1 Shot Phantom has no moving parts and requires no electrical power. A comprehensive QA system, complete with phantom, manual and reporting forms is incorporated into a single package.



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