Fuji Carbon XL-2 CR

Does your medical facility need imaging solutions? AMI Medical Imaging can help. We provide customers with new and refurbished Fuji Carbon XL-CR and Fuji Carbon XL-2 CR workstations and parts to fill this urgent need. Talk to AMI Medical Imaging today about what you need and we'll make sure to find workable solutions for your specific situation.

Fuji Carbon XL-CR and XL-2 CR

Fuji Carbon systems such as the XL-CR and XL-2 CR are ideal for smaller facilities thanks to their 2.4 square foot size. Even though they are on the smaller side, they are still incredibly efficient, providing images ready to view within 23 seconds of the capture time. They also have the ability to process up to 94 images in one hour.

Whether you're in need of an imaging system for a trauma bay, exam room, or another facility, the Fuji Carbon XL-CR and Fuji Carbon XL-2 CR can provide you with the solution you need. Available with mobile options and redundancy features to increase productivity and uptime, this machine knows how to do its job well.

Order your Fuji Carbon XL-2 CR or XL-CR today from the equipment experts at AMI Medical Imaging. We understand the equipment and its functions and are happy to offer our expertise and advice if needed. Call (814)289-6214 to learn more.