Refurbished Fuji CR Parts

CR systems are made out of many parts precisely placed and calibrated to provide the best X-ray images possible. If one of your CR parts is malfunctioning, you’ll need the right CR part to restore the functionality of the machine. Let AMI Medical Imaging be your first stop for refurbished Fuji CR parts because our parts are expertly refurbished to be just as effective as the original part.


Fully Refurbished Parts

Your doctors need a fully functioning CR system to effectively and accurately diagnose patients. You can depend on our refurbished parts to run seamlessly in your machine and also save you some money on the repairs. Whatever part you need to replace, we are sure to have a viable replacement in stock, so call us to order yours.


You may worry that a refurbished part won’t run properly or as well as a new part, but our refurbished Fuji CR system parts are thoroughly examined by industry experts and put through rigorous testing to ensure they will work properly, despite being used previously. If you have any questions about our process, feel free to call and talk to one of our expert team members.


Individual Service

When you work with AMI Medical Imaging, you will get more personalized assistance and guidance than anywhere else. Our staff members are always ready to help you find the perfect part to repair your CR machine. We have a detailed understanding of the equipment, and we can supply you with the part you need.


If you need help finding the right part, we can give you expert advice on every part, so you can rest assured that you purchased the right part at the right price. Call us at (814)289-6214 to learn more about the parts we have available or to order your refurbished part today.