Refurbished & New Fuji CR Equipment

Previously Owned FUJI CR Equipement

We are constantly updating our inventory of used CR equipment and parts. You will find currently available CR equipment, medical imaging parts, CR cassettes, image plates, and work stations through our DotMed listings. Click the DotMed logo to see our used and refurbished CR selection.

We organize the removal and shipping of your used medical imaging equipment, as well as shipping back to us for refurbishing. We purchase the following used equipment directly from clinics, hospitals, private physicians, and imaging centers within the United States.

  • Fuji CR Laser Imaging Equipment
  • Fuji and Kodak/Carestream Used CR Cassettes and Cassette Parts
  • Medical Imaging Display Monitors
  • Fuji Capsula XL, XL2, XG1, Smart CR, XG5000, 2000, Clearview
  • Carbon, FCR5000, and FCR50000 Plus CR Parts

If you are looking for used CR equipment, please click here. To receive a quote on your equipment, call (412) 349-0045 and an AMI Medical Imaging representative will help you.

Refurbished CR IIP Workstations and FDX Consoles

All used Fuji IIP workstations and FDX consoles for computed radiography (CR) equipment are completely refurbished. Our technicians test, clean and replace parts as necessary on all CR equipment. CR cassette repairimaging plates,

erase lamps etc are also available for Fuji and Carestream products. AMI Medical Imaging also offer Workstation Configuration Recovery Software for Agfa, Fuji, Carestream and Konica CR. Please contact us for details.

Refurbished Fuji IIP Workstations and Upgrades (NEW)

  • IIP Upgrades
  • Fuji SW Key Options
  • Hard Drive Upgrade
  • Pre-staged Drives and IIP's
  • Custom Configuration
  • Drives, Mother boards, components
  • ELO Monitor Replacements
  • Bar Code Reader Replacements
  • Complete IIP system pre-staged & configured

Complete IIP Systems and Individual Components

AMI Medical Imaging

Portable IIP for Mobile Applications

AMI Medical Imaging